1. Head over to www.axwaresystems.com/axorm/ and then you can either login or create new account.

2. Fill in the information, use your email address so you can get club emails, don’t worry, we won’t spam you or sell your information.

3. After clicking save and continue, the system will ask if you’re a member of the SCCA or NCCC, for most of you, the answer is probably “Neither”

4. The next step will be to choose a club with which you will be participating, as of the time of writing this, AUTOSPORTSNW…. Autosports Northwest, is alphabetically on top, so that’s easy.

5. This step is most commonly missed, make sure to add a car to your garage! Click “Add Vehicles into my garage” on your next step. Choose your “Local Class” first, this will narrow down your “SCCA Class” to those available to our own class groupings.

6. Now that you have a car in your garage, it’s time to register. Click event calendar at the top right of the page. This should automatically bring you to the page where you can register for the next event days. Make sure to check the box next to your vehicle, then click “Register Selected Cars.”

7. You are now registered for your first event, if you’d like to register for the next day, go ahead and go back to the calendar and click “Register” next to the corresponding day.

8. If you so desire, you can elect to add your registrations to cart and pay with a credit card.

9. If your car changes, or you get a new car, you can choose “My Controls|My Garage” – Then either Edit your Existing car, delete it, or insert a new car. Please delete any unused cars.