Good evening racers!


ASNW has been given the go ahead to hold our events this coming weekend, however there are some additional rules and guidelines that MUST be followed during these events while COVID-19 is happening, so please read this email. We understand this is a lot of change and that some of these requirements may take some getting used to and may not be received well by some, but we all must follow them if we want to race at all. We will do our best to be reasonable, understanding, and inclusive but these requirements must be followed. Friendly reminders will be given as a warning but if you refuse to follow them you will be asked to leave. We hate to ask anyone to leave and we try to not be forced to do so but we do not have a choice in this matter. We are hoping these restrictions will not be in place for too long, but we must follow them in the meantime.

  1. You must pre-register and pre-pay for these events online through the AXWare ORM website, online registration has been extended to 10pm Friday. We are not allowed to handle cash which is why pre-registration and pre-payment are required. We cannot follow our typical morning registration process as we have in the past with everyone lining up to get registered or checked in. We cannot do walk-up registrations so if you do not pre-register and pre-pay, we sadly cannot accommodate you and you won’t be able to race that day. Online registration and payment is fairly easy and the officers and Facebook admins will be available to answer questions or to help provide support if needed for the registration process. If you paid and cannot attend the event for whatever reason, a credit toward a future event can be issued, simply contact Marie Swigard or an officer and we can assist.
  1. Face coverings are REQUIRED to be worn while outside the car, such as a mask, bandanna, or balaclava. Gloves are also recommended and encouraged, but not required as we understand it may be hard to source gloves right now. Drivers must also stay near or in their car while in grid to help limit exposure to others, grid lanes will be widened to assist with maintaining safe distances.
  1. Loaner helmets will not be available at this time, so you must bring your own helmet. DOT approved helmets are okay to use, SNELL approved helmets are always recommended but not required.
  1. Ride-alongs will not be permitted during these events (including dual drivers riding with each other in the same car), meaning the passenger seats must be empty for your run. We know many of us enjoy riding along with others, but this is something we cannot permit to happen right now.
  1. Spectators will not be permitted at this event. Those that may come along in the car with you, such as a significant other or child, are considered crew and may be present and must follow the same COVID safety guidelines. However, inviting people out to spectate is not going to be allowed for these events. The airport access gate will be closed after the conclusion of the drivers meeting (9:15ish) and will not have anyone posted at it so re-admittance after exiting the gate will not be an option.
  1. There will not be a lunch vendor for these events, so please plan accordingly and bring some snacks and refreshments. People must continue to follow the social distancing requirements during lunch time. The picnic tables will not be available during lunch.

Vehicle safety inspections (tech inspection) are still required for each vehicle. The inspectors, who shall wear gloves and mask, will inspect the vehicle with the driver standing the required minimum 6 feet away so they may witness the inspection. Season tech inspection will not be available for these events, but a form will be digitally distributed for drivers to print at home, fill out, and return to a designated drop-box at future events after this event before a season tech sticker can be issued.

Tech inspection, registration check-in/insurance waivers/barcode stickers, and work assignments will begin at 7:30am to allow for the extra time needed to correctly follow these processes and will close at the usual 9:00am. You also need to bring your own pen for the signing of the insurance waiver. This will happen by having a single socially distanced line for the signing of the insurance waiver and to pickup registration barcode stickers. We will have a table designated for the waivers and a table for the run group and worker assignment details.

Any additional requirements and information will be presented during the socially distanced drivers meeting. The PA and radio broadcast system will also be used for the drivers meeting for those that wish to remain in their vehicles during. Event results at the end of the day will use the same socially distant and PA/radio broadcast format as the drivers meeting, awards magnets will be handed out at a future event which has fewer COVID restrictions.

The weather forecast is currently looking partly sunny in the low to mid 60’s so please come prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen. We know some of you have pop-up canopy tents that you like to bring, these are fine to use but if you are going to use one of these it must be anchored so that it cannot fly away under normal wind conditions and needs to be taken down if the winds get too high. This is a safety issue and a property damage issue if these tents get airborne and safety is always our number one concern!

These events are held at the Deer Park airport, accessed via the East Entrance at 34615 N Missile Site Rd, Deer Park. Missile Site road has a strict 35 mph speed limit and violating this could result in loss of this venue so please be respectful of the neighbors and the speed limit. We also know some of you may have louder exhausts, please be mindful of noise on this road early in the mornings and use upper gears if possible.

Event and membership prices:

Memberships are $40 for the season, and saves you $10 at each event so it pays for itself after only 4 events!

Prices for events: $25 for members who pre-register online and $35 for non-members who pre-register online.

Online payment is required to complete online pre-registration before these events.

As a reminder, online pre-registration through AXWare ORM will be closing at 10pm Friday.

We run an all-day schedule, so everyone will drive and work throughout the day in the groups assigned. Tech and registration will apply to everyone in the morning and will close promptly at 9:00 am, followed shortly by a mandatory safety meeting.

There is NO leaving the event early without special permission from the President (Pete Crosen in Black Corvette) or Vice President (Jack Wade in Red Miata). Please Plan Ahead!

There is no provided water service / water coolers at these events. Please bring your own water and beverages. Come prepared with what you need.


Stock open top cars are okay without roll bars.

7:00 Gates Open – Course Walk

7:30-9:00 Tech Inspections / Registration Opens

9:00 Tech / Registration Closed. Drivers Meeting

9:15 Drivers/Workers Deployed

9:30 Racing

12:00 (approximately) Lunch

Afternoon More Racing

4:00ish Done. Cleanup and Event results

Can’t wait to see you all there!!

-Thomas Wood

Chief of Timing and Scoring